For a Mere $500, The Organic Pharmacy Will Test Your DNA

The Organic Pharmacy DNA test

DNA testing — it’s not just for the health-concerned.  The Organic Pharmacy, based in London, now offers in-store DNA testing for customers to better match their beauty products to their skin type.  Insane or sensible?  Your view probably depends on your budget.

The process, which takes about an hour, has been launched in conjunction with geneOnyx, which operates the (spit-based) technology and runs the results against its beauty product database.  The idea is to discover, based on your DNA, how fast you degrade collagen and which ingredients your skin is specifically primed to metabolize well.  The Organic Pharmacy will recommend related products, as well as provide a lifestyle consultation (regarding smoking, UV exposure, and the more typical range of dermatological questions) in tandem with the DNA test.  The whole thing will run you around $500 dollars before buying any products.

Is a beauty store operating in-house DNA testing totally nuts, or a harbinger of where the industry is headed?  If it’s a paradigm shift that eventually becomes affordable for more consumers, the process could be viewed as useful and kind of fun.  What do you think?  Tell us in the comments.

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