Vine, A New Catch-All for Eco-Products, Launches Today

How will green and eco-friendly products ever become part of the mainstream?  Answer: by making them easily accessible in the same way as their traditional counterparts.  And today marks a big step toward that goal, with the launch of  The new site (from the creators of the ubiquitous Diapers, Soap, and Wag) offers an enormous range of sustainable, green, and organic products under one roof.

Like the linked model, this group of sites — seven in total — can be shopped together or separately.  Giving consumers the chance to get into the world of sustainable household items, beauty products, etc., while also buying pet food and conventional goods, is an effective way to get green items into a broader consumer sight line.

To narrow down its final product list, the site limited what it carries to items that fall under at least one of these categories: Designed to Remove Toxins, Energy Efficient, Natural, Organic, Powered by Renewable Energy, Reusable, Made of Sustainable Materials, or Water Efficient.  While most of these are reasonably quantifiable, the term “natural” has at this point been thrown around enough to hold little meaning.  Luckily, the site also maintains a banned ingredients list, which knocks out most of the big chemical offenders from making it into the inventory.

Josh Dorfman of The Lazy Environmentalist was brought in to run the new site.  He notes that his audience is twofold: “ was created for two types of consumers – people who are already immersed in a green, sustainable lifestyle and people who want to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle but aren’t quite sure where to start.”  We’d argue that with its mainstream connections, Vine might even appeal to a third audience — those resistant to anything deemed “green,” but who might come around when the products land right under their nose.