Valentino Launches Valentina With Interactive Online Hunt

To debut its first new fragrance in the past few years, Valentino makes you find it in an interactive digital game, “Have You Seen Valentina?“  A series of clues takes the audience through a deserted, nighttime virtual version of Rome…players follow the character Valentina (representing the Italian couture house’s latest scent) through an epic, partyful evening, along the way discovering a way to sign up to learn more about the fragrance on September 26.

The human face of “Valentina” is played by the Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen, who also stars in the upcoming print campaign.  The game is set to moody orchestral music — the effect is very atmospheric.  We actually got sucked in, but never did “find” Valentina — give the game a spin and see if you do.

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