Facebook Launches "Gifts" For Your Convenience

Facebook Gifts

Could Facebook’s latest development put it into direct competition with Amazon?  Yesterday, the site began rolling out Facebook Gifts, which mines user data to suggest things to buy for your friends.

The program is a re-tooled version of Karma, a social gifting app that Facebook acquired last spring.  Gifts partnered with around 100 retailers — including Warby Parker and Starbucks — to make it easy to send relevant presents, either physically or in the form of digital gift cards.  It’s also possible to choose between posting gifts to friends’ timelines or sending them privately.

The social network’s latest also lets you buy gifts for yourself, which we’re pretty sure is just called “shopping.”  The program is rolling out gradually in the U.S. (our account didn’t have access to it yet, but maybe yours does) and will eventually expand internationally.  (And as that develops, here’s hoping U.S. consumers can access whatever interesting global partners the site takes on in other countries!)

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