Early Access: Cut The Retail Chaos With Shopilly


As promised last month, we’re providing early access to Shopilly, a new product that promises to organize and clear out your inbox of wanted-but-unwanted promotional retailer emails.  We’ve been looking forward to the launch — the idea behind the sensible start-up is that you hang on to your news and deals, while unloading an email account clogged with store newsletters.

As an alternative to a slew of daily messages, the streamlined interface lets you follow all those stores in one spot (and away from your personal email).  At its core, Shopilly is a helpful organizational secretary for one sector of your online life.  Click here to check it out — the product is still in beta, but it’s ready to go.

So, enjoy!  We hope you’re ready to delete that secondary Hotmail account.

One Response to “Early Access: Cut The Retail Chaos With Shopilly”

  1. stretchy

    I tried it. Select all the stores you shop at. Get issued a shopilly email name. Then go to each of those store sites and edit your account at that site with the new shopilly email name – which could be tedious, but is worth it, since then you only have one visual place to see all the incoming deals/offers/receipts/etc. Thanks. But how does that shopilly company make money?


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