Vogue Launches New Educational Designer Tomes

Vogue On...Designers

British Elle has its novel-writing tutorials, and Italian Vogue offers their Wikipedia-style Encyclo, a publicly-written glossary of everything and anything related to the industry.  Now Vogue is seeking to provide further public fashion education via a new series of designers’ biographies.

The image-heavy books document the careers of, to start, Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Christian Dior.  Though the initial four-part series is written by the fashion writers Bronwyn Cosgrave, Chloe Fox, Judith Watt, and Charlotte Sinclair, the books pull heavily from the Vogue archives.  And really, who better to offer up tell-all tomes than the magazine?  They’re a perfect leading source.

The Vogue On…Designers series launches on September 13, with more all-encompassing biographies on the industry’s visionaries on the way.  Based on the reaction to last year’s Alexander McQueen installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we imagine this particular edition, out of the four books launching, will be a hit.