Urban Cargo Does Tailored Monthly Beauty – For Men

Urban Cargo

Another day, another monthly subscription site, right?  Having recently wondered whether the model will ever make any money, we were interested to learn of a new, beauty-focused, of-the-month retail launch.  Urban Cargo caught our eye because it just might be tapping into a different enough niche to survive.

The site delivers monthly men’s grooming products based on one particular need.  So, for instance, one month your hair might be a target, the next, your face.  It’s a mere fifteen bucks for pretty decent products — think John Masters Organics and the New York Shaving Company, albeit all in sample sizes.  (You’re supposed to head back to the site’s designated e-commerce for the full-sized versions of what you like.)

We know, we know, this sounds a lot like Birchbox, which seems to have the market cornered for monthly beauty samples for women, and recently launched men’s kits.  However, Urban Cargo sets itself apart with a fairly involved process for determining the skin and haircare needs of its members, which is a personalization feature women are used to, but men might not be.

So the real question is whether enough men want a tailored, monthly “box of handsome” for Urban Cargo to succeed.  We’re guessing that between the quality products and the low price, the site might appeal based on its convenience — a number of customers who wouldn’t otherwise rush to sign up could be more than willing to pay $14.95 a month to skip ever having to stop by a CVS again.

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