The Troubles a Plus-Sized Fashion Mag Faces

Slink Magazine

Slink, a British fashion magazine aimed at a plus-sized readership, launched this past spring.  Its founder and editor, Rivkie Baum, told The Guardian that the response, overall, has been great.  As they continue to work on expanding their readership, the bi-monthly title has other, more technical issues to grapple with within the fashion industry.

  • While Slink is funded entirely by advertising, the magazine has encountered problems getting certain retailers on board.  Plus-sized fashion labels buy ads, of course, but Baum expressed surprise that mainstream accessories and beauty brands (none of which she named) have made reluctant partners.
  • Timing is difficult.  Sample sizes (which are of no use in plus-sized editorials, or, you know, for most people) are typically shot three to six months ahead of a publication date.  Slink has to shoot its editorials on a far shorter time frame, when the clothes become available in the appropriate sizes.
  • In trying to work with fast fashion brands that make plus sizes, Baum found some of them reluctant to loan out clothes.  This last obstacle seems particular self-defeating for the labels themselves — since they offer sizes that go up that high in the first place, why not show them off editorially?

All those kinks aside, Baum pointed out that there are an increasing number of plus-sized models, and that their agencies have been incredibly supportive of the magazine.  Now, as this particular end of the sizing spectrum becomes more mainstream — and publications spring up to cater to it — how long will it take conventional brands to embrace it?

10 Responses to “The Troubles a Plus-Sized Fashion Mag Faces”

  1. Madeline Jones

    As the editor of PLUS Model Magazine I can confirm the issues SLINK is having. We also have the same issues with beauty and accessory brands, there is little interest in advertising.

    The plus size brands that show little interest having their garments shown editorially have gone a step further and told us that they do not feel it’s necessary because there is no advertising initiative from the company. Translation – the plus size customer is not worth advertising to because her options are limited.

    This is why we need to encourage Indie designers with our dollars and only those brands and designers who support and engage/listen to their customers.

    Madeline Jones
    PLUS Model Magazine

  2. Mary Egbula

    I tend to reject this recent plus-sized fad, not because I don’t think women outside the standard fashion fare deserve attention and representation, but because it excuses the MSfashionM’s outdated terms “straight” vs “plus”

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