Shoppable Street Style App Kaleidoscope Goes Social


We’ve been fans of Kaleidoscope, which makes street style photography totally shoppable, since its debut last winter.  Besides launching recently on a couple of new platforms (it started life on Android and has since moved to the iPhone and a desktop version), the app just underwent a big upgrade in order to go social.

Besides being able to sift through (and shop) image after image culled from Fashion Week, the Sartorialist, and more, users can employ Kaleidoscope to “favorite” all those looks, share them with other users, or connect to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Integrating with those platforms is probably the most important feature of Kaleidscope’s latest version, since it makes the app a one-stop-shop for finding relevant fashion, shopping it, sharing it across any and all social media, and keeping it filed away for later reference.

The app also lets you do all this in Czech, Turkish, Indonesian, and myriad other languages.  Though the program is enabled for U.S. and UK e-commerce only, offering 20 different languages is only logical — after all, street style is the new global language of fashion.  And with a plethora of style apps flooding iTunes, Kaleidoscope’s multiple language capabilities and full social media integration should make it a standout in the field.