Shop Charitably In 100 Different Ways With Roozt


We’ve always been a fan of e-commerce that comes with a cause — think TOMS, with its one-for-one charitable shoe program, or This Shirt Helps, which offers a quantifiable benefit for every tee it sells.  The IOU Project pairs Indian weavers with Italian craftsmen to create its men’s and women’s madras collection in an eco-friendly, globally conscious way (that also keeps those traditional weavers employed).  But what about a virtual clearing house that houses all these do-gooder brands under one roof?

Enter Roozt, which seeks out myriad labels who share the theme of the built-in charitable angle.  The site functions as a one-stop shop to discover these brands, buy from them, learn more about their causes, and share their names with friends.   And because Roozt offers a ton of small labels you might never have heard of, they subsequently break them down into categories according to their humanitarian, eco-friendly, ethical, or community-minded efforts.  So besides being able to shop and make an impact, you can narrow down exactly what issue you want to address and help with your expendable income.

Since Roozt is still growing, if you think their roster is missing one of your favorite brands with a cause, send them an email at [email protected] And in the meantime, keep the site in mind for back-to-school and future holiday shopping.  Besides the inherent fun discovery aspect associated with finding a hundred different independent labels in one place, with an ever-growing selection of themed e-commerce, isn’t it the most rewarding to hit the site where your purchase is guaranteed to make an impact?