Learn Better Taste With Digital Agency’s Literal Game of Taste

Game of Taste new lead image

Online social gaming, which has been raking it in a for a while now, is slowly infiltrating the ranks of fashion.  There’s Bluefly, which introduced a badge-driven consumer game last year.  And there’s Stylmee, a start-up that launched a Sims-like iPad game, in which players create virtual boutiques stocked with very real, shoppable products.

Now digital agency Createthe Group is the latest to enter the world of stylish gaming.  Rather than offer something consumer-driven, The Game of Taste has players make certain style decisions, in various contexts, and subsequently compare their choices to those of industry experts.  Where the game sets itself apart is its goals — users are intended to cultivate “better” taste as they play and contrast their decisions with those accepted by The Game of Taste community.  The program is focused on neither points nor consumerism.

The lack of badges and shopping aside, Createthe Group’s brands and clients should eventually be able to use The Game of Taste as a digital platform to attract traffic and, ultimately, sales.  Since the agency’s clients include industry denizens including Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, and kate spade new york, that’s when the game should get really fun.

It hasn’t yet launched, but interested potential players can register here for the next 30 days.