Juicy Couture Introduces The Latest Secret Tech Accessory

Juicy Couture tech accessory new image

Last summer came the iPhone-charging bikini, courtesy of a multimedia designer, and that was followed in short time by Richard Nicoll’s cell phone charging handbag.  Nicoll’s tech-heavy purse launched at London Fashion Week in February, and was compatible with the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Now Juicy Couture has introduced the USB Pyramid Bracelet, the pop-pink exterior of which hides a fully functioning, 4 GB USB stick.  Not only is the cute rubber cuff a pretty, geometric addition to any outfit, but the USB aspect actually stores a useful amount of data.

We’ll just add it to the secretly useful accessory wish list.  All these tech-enabled styles are, thankfully, as good looking as they are modern and convenient.  Now we just wait with bated breath for Nicola Formichetti’s full-on solar-powered self-titled new line, because, yes, that’s on its way.

Disclosure: Juicy Couture is owned by Fifth & Pacific Companies, Inc., the sponsor of this site.

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