Is Apple Getting Into Social Commerce With Fancy?


Apple is apparently in talks to purchase Fancy, the super aesthetic social commerce site that lets users list and curate online design discoveries.  Nothing is definite, but if the deal goes through, the 20-person start-up will wind up inextricably linked to Apple’s 400 million iTunes users (and their credit cards, on file, online).

If Apple buys Fancy, get ready for more of this.

Fancy, which is two years old, is smaller than social lifestyle curator Pinterest, to which it is most often compared.  However, it has a better income — the site takes 10% of every purchase it enables.  Fancy also already has high-end backers, from Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey to PPR, the French luxury group (the latter raised another $10 million for the site last fall).

We’ve already learned from Einhorn himself, though, that because of Fancy’s advanced approach to generating revenue, the company doesn’t really consider Pinterest to be a rival.  They’ve been on different tracks, as far as revenue is concerned, from day one.  Now, if Apple winds up owning Fancy, the two social sites will probably grow even farther apart — with Fancy’s audience possibly contending with Pinterest’s.

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