Anna Wintour to Style Her Own Caricature on Glee

Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker

Yep, you read that right.  Anna Wintour will be styling Sarah Jessica Parker in her appearance on the next season of Glee.

What’s amusing is that Parker is essentially playing Wintour herself, having been cast as a Vogue editor on the show.  Thus Wintour has basically signed on to dress a fictionalized caricature of herself, which reveals both a good sense of humor and healthy dose of self-awareness.  We’re looking forward to those costumes, if not the singing.

We already know Wintour and Parker are pals; now, does publicly moonlighting with the actress on a television show boost Vogue subscriber numbers?  It’s probably going to be impossible to quantify, but it seems safe to say that Wintour’s new, temporary gig at least throws the magazine and its editor into a younger-appealing, less stuffy light.