Would You Buy Real Estate on an Airplane?

AirBaltic in-flight real estate offers

No, that’s not real estate on the plane itself.  This is just so bizarre we had to share it — AirBaltic, a Latvian carrier, is working its way back into the black by getting its broker’s license.

The airline is selling real estate vouchers (for property on the ground) to its passengers.  Specifically, AirBaltic is offering 30 euro coupons that are worth savings up to 9500 euros when fliers make a purchase.  The discount applies to the purchase price of a property, or in some instances, to add-ons like management fees or parking spots.  (We checked out the offers — it’s not entirely clear whether access to the deals is through the voucher alone, or whether purchasers must sign on the dotted line, while in air, to receive them.)

No matter the details, the plan effectively combines aspects of a Groupon deal, standard in-flight catalogues, and attention-grabbing retail strategy all in one.  And since AirBaltic has already sold Mini Coopers on board its planes, marketing real estate mid-air just seems like the next step up.

We can’t wait to learn if there are any takers.  The whole thing really blows those in-flight, for-purchase stale sandwiches on American Airlines out of the water.

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