Pre-Victoria's Secret: 600-Year-Old Undergarments Unearthed

600 year old bra discovery

Happy Friday!  Now here’s some very cool news — archeologists from the University of Innsbruck discovered four linen bras (yes) from the Middle Ages in an Austrian castle.  The discovery changes the entire timeline of the undergarment’s history.

One of the four in particular (shown above) is cut more or less the same way as its modern counterpart.  It’s generally been thought that women wore corsets before any other kind of chest support, followed by the modern bra about 100 years ago.  It now seems women actually wore the equivalent of modern bras, first (which really makes us wonder what brought about the switch to the ever-torturous seeming corset).

The best part of this find?  Not only do these 600-year-old items appear to have been totally functional in their time, they were also intricately decorated.  Clearly, they were meant to be appreciated by someone.  With the discovery of ornamental underthings, the Middle Ages suddenly seem a lot more modern, no?

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