Nordstrom's Newest Department is…Topshop

Topshop at Nordstrom

If Neiman Marcus and Target’s collaboration announcement earlier this week was the ultimate high-low play, what do we make of Topshop’s new venture with Nordstrom?  The British fast fashion chain will be opening this fall in 14 Nordstroms across the U.S.  It’s a fun new take on the shop-within-a-shop trend, but given the retailers’ relatively close price points, the collaboration seems more intended to mutually highlight one another’s images.

For Nordstrom, the new in-store Topshops mark an edgier turn — the department store is better known for classic styles.  For Topshop, of course, 14 new U.S. outlets represents major North American expansion.  Each of the stores-within-stores will be 2500 square feet (Topman at Nordstrom will be 1500).

Nordstrom will only be showcasing a selection of Topshop’s myriad products, along with a few premium items designed specifically for their stores.  The collaboration officially launches on September 10.  If Nordstrom wasn’t previously your go-to department store, would Topshop’s present entice you through the door?