Nike Made A High-Performance Sneaker Out of Castor Beans

Nike GS

It’s also Nike’s lightest-ever shoe!  The new soccer boots combine castor beans, recycled bottles, and other re-used or renewable components in what amounts to a 5.6 ounce sneaker (if you wear a men’s size nine).

Nike is billing the new GS as their most environmentally-friendly shoe yet.  The bottom plate, specifically, is made from a material called Pebax Renu, which is 97% castor bean oil.  Apparently, it’s super lightweight yet strong and flexible.  The rest of the GS is comprised of at least 50% recycled or renewable materials.

Besides offering a serious athletic shoe you can tell people is made out of beans, what we like is that Nike actually hits all the tenets of sustainability here.  The materials used entail reusing and recycling, but just by dint of being a lighter item, the sneaker cuts way down on what’s needed to produce it.