Leak Shows Facebook May Add Big Social Commerce Function

Facebook want button prototype

Hey, this could be revolutionary, at least when it comes to Facebook’s lagging social commerce — Mashable has the leaked news that the site is working on adding a “want” button and a means of sharing purchased products.

Coming soon to a Facebook page near you…

The “want” button, whenever it goes live, would allow users to add products to virtual wish lists.  However, the developer Tom Waddington discovered a coding initiative that goes beyond that, letting users share goods they’d recently purchased, show charitable donations they make, or share items bought within Facebook games.  Ideally, this button would take Facebook’s lackluster social commerce and allow it to help items go viral.

This is a discovery on Waddington’s part and certainly not an announcement from Facebook, so there’s no telling when these new features will launch.  We’re betting on an end-of-summer release, just in time for a slew of back-to-school purchases, but no matter when they come out, “want” and “purchased” buttons should deeply impact the way commerce takes place on the social network.