Microsoft and TheFind Unveil Catalogue Web App

Glimpse by TheFind

The all-in-one iPad app for catalogs might be last year’s innovation, but the same technology hasn’t yet been applied to the Web.  Now Microsoft and TheFind have partnered on Glimpse Catalogs, which makes it possible to flip through a virtual version of numerous print catalogs via one coherent, appealing site.

Glimpse brings to the Web what was previously only available to iPad users.

While Microsoft brought the HTML5 technology, TheFind offered a combination of their two main endeavors, their original Catalogue app and their social shopping app for Facebook.  The result is a comprehensive page of seemingly every catalog under the sun, tailored to your and your friends’ Facebook likes.  Products can be browsed by brand or by friend.

Putting this material on the Web instead of limiting it to an iPad app makes sense — after all, it’ll be available to millions more viewers.  (That said, the technology is mobile-ready, and where a mouse applies to the Web version, Glimpse can be manipulated by touch on a tablet.)  Now here’s hoping Microsoft’s latest spells the end of wasteful print catalogs.

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