Lyst Raises $5 Mil. to Beat All Those Other Fashion Aggregators


Online fashion aggregators are too plentiful at this point, but Lyst, which debuted a little over a year ago, just picked up another $5 million in funding in order to out-aggregate everybody else.

Lyst originally set itself apart and became one of our favorites with its all-encompassing approach to the web — one uses the site to follow brands, online retailers, blogs, stylists, or even the other aggregators (Pinterest, Fancy).  The site makes it possible to reconcile these varied sources and put them together in one organized, aesthetic place.   It’s the list-generator to end all list generators.

Lyst has another advantage — competing fashion-focused aggregators are running up against the problem of retrofitting their business models with ways to generate revenue.  Lyst, which has worked on an affiliate basis since day one, doesn’t have that problem.

In the scheme of a crowded Internet, however, that’s not always enough.  With major new backing, the site is investing heavily in new partnerships, marketing, and of course, mobile strategy.  Lyst has been described as a Google for fashion; the fresh injection of capital might get it to a Google-level point of ubiquity.