Louis Vuitton Adds 80,000 Permutation Bespoke Bag Service

Louis Vuitton bespoke handbag service

Here’s another reason to head to London at the end of the month, in case the Olympics weren’t a big enough draw.  Louis Vuitton’s Bond Street location is adding a massive new bespoke program to let customers to design their own bags.  The number of options to choose from puts the potential number of permutations around 80,000.

This is how your bespoke Vuitton bag will be made.

Brand aficionados won’t be entirely left to their own devices — shoppers will work with the house’s experts on hand at The Haute Maroquinerie (the private salon housing the customization service) to pick their style, color, leather, and finish.  Interestingly, Louis Vuitton’s new service is operating exactly opposite the way luxury’s highest-end has been moving, with designs taking between 6 months and a year to be completed at the house’s workshop in Asnières.  With businesses like Moda Operandi working to get the runway’s latest to buyers in as short a time as possible, Vuitton’s new service is imposing old-fashioned lag time on its customers.

Of course, that could just be a testament to the products’ craftmanship and quality.   If anything, the delay plays up the couture aspect of Vuitton’s new service — want a one-of-a-kind piece?  Be prepared to wait for it to be hand stitched together.