With $3 Million in Funding, Custom Site Shoes of Prey is On the Rise

Shoes of Prey

Are design-your-own shoes set to follow in bespoke denim’s footsteps (no pun intended)?  Over the past few years, custom jeans sites have proliferated; now an Aussie shoe retailer offering create-your-own footwear landed $3 million in funding.

Shoes of Prey uses 3D technology to let buyers view and dictate every aspect of their footwear, from leather type to color to embellishment.  Prices range from $140 to $330, and at the moment, there are 16 basic styles to use in the design process.  (With an influx of new funding, there should be more shoe types available soon.)

While the site doesn’t take foot measurements — so the term “bespoke” isn’t fully applicable — they do offer an incredible range of sizes and widths.  If a fit is slightly off, Shoes of Prey covers the buyer’s local cost to have the footwear adjusted.

So what’s that $3 million going toward?  The company plans to expand its retail presence, social shopping features, and overall product offerings.  Right now, the only thing they’ve got missing are boots beyond ankle versions — maybe they’ll have some more substantial options ready to go by fall.

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