Old Navy Will Recycle Your Old Flip-Flops For You

Old Navy Flip-Flop Brigade

Just in time for summer, Old Navy and Garnier are partnering with TerraCycle, which sets up collection programs for typically non-recyclable waste, to collect and reuse old flip-flops and beauty packaging.  There’s no longer an excuse to junk old sandals, sunblock bottles, or cosmetics empties.

By joining the Old Navy Flip Flop Brigade and gathering 18 pounds of old rubber flip-flops (from any brand), you and your shoe donors become eligible to receive a range of Old Navy coupons.  TerraCycle, meanwhile, does the hard work to make sure the shoes are upcycled into a range of useful items, from playground materials to trash cans.  And shipping off those 50 pairs of flip-flops — which, frankly, sounds like the most difficult part of the process for individuals — is paid for by Old Navy.

Similar to Old Navy, Garnier has launched the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade, which offers charitable giving as an incentive for turning in old beauty packaging.  The company will accept cosmetics, skincare, and haircare empties from any brand.  The products collected are turned into a variety of Garnier-branded accessories and, believe it or not, paving stones.

We imagine an office drive to collect these products would be the most effective way to unload unwanted shoes and beauty garbage, while helping participants maximize the coupons and charitable giving they can cash in on.  Would your workplace ever join the brands’ brigades?