Based on Warby Parker and Dior, All Fashion Films Lead to France

What do Warby Parker and Christian Dior have in common?  It might not seem like the affordable glasses purveyor and the luxury firm are particularly similar, but something’s clearly gotten into the water.  Though releasing short fashion films is becoming de rigueur for smart brands across the board, the two brands debuted video content specifically predicated on late 50s-era France within days of each other.

Of course, the films themselves are pretty different — Warby Parker is launching its new Auteur collection via a black and white piece channeling French new wave cinema. Le Chat Cambrioleur, or the cat burglar (in the most literal sense, here) features a bespectacled couple:

Christior Dior, meanwhile, uses the model Daphne Groenevald to play around in the South of France, à la Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman.  The film is the most recent promotion for the house’s Addict fragrance:

Different though they may be, these films are great — and if good things happen in threes, which brand will reveal a vintage-esque, French short next?

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