GQ to Add Major Augmented Reality in September Issue

GQ cover

How will the women’s fashion mags even start to catch up to their counterparts for men?  GQ just announced it’s upping the ante on its September issue — which is already its go-to issue of the year — by adding augmented reality to all advertisements and much of the editorial content.

Imagine if you could scan Ryan Gosling’s face to lead you to…more Ryan Gosling.

To do so, the magazine is employing Aurasma’s technology, which as you may recall, Mr Porter is also using in a highly interactive partnership with the USA television network. By scanning GQ‘s pages through a forthcoming free mobile app, GQ Live, readers can access a range of extended material, from videos and 3D modeling to relevant Facebook and Pinterest content.

Besides deeply enhancing the reader experience, the Aurasma-enabled app also totally circumvents the need for QR codes.  In pushing consumers to scan the pages of a magazine to reach more content, cutting out that unsightly middleman is key.

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