From Cosabella to Jockey, Lingerie Loves Facebook Advertising

Fruit of the Loom on Facebook

Though the value of Facebook advertising is under debate, there’s one retail sector that’s seeing a return on the investment — lingerie.  According to WWD, numerous underwear purveyors agree that the social media channel is well worth their ad dollars.

Va Bien reported mid-teens sales gains from a six-month Facebook campaign.  Fruit of the Loom specifically promoted its Vanity Fair and Vassarette lines via the social media outlet, and has greatly increased the fan base for both.  Natori reports that ads to engage a wider audience on Facebook have been incredibly successful.  And Cosabella, through various targeted ad strategies, has grown its fan base from 1,000 to 5,000 people since last year.

Though Jockey’s director of communications points out that Facebook ads ultimately need to “be linked to a bigger idea,” the brand, along with other underwear companies, has had great success with coordinated Facebook ads and contests.  It’s almost funny that Facebook advertising is such a boon for this particular sector of the fashion industry.  Who would have thought that consumers would be so willing to publicly share their underwear fandom?