Clothing Categorization App Cloth Gets Two Major Upgrades

Cloth iPhone app weather conditions

Today the iPhone app Cloth, which makes it easy to save, categorize, and share your outfits with friends, is revealing two new partnerships.  With a plethora of social style apps available, Cloth’s unique take on fashion programming is poised to set the company apart.

Cloth now lets you group your outfits by the weather, and shows them to you according to the day’s forecast.

First off, Cloth is partnering with Wunderground to use real-time weather information to help users pick appropriate outfits from their wardrobes.  Just tag uploaded outfits with descriptions like “rain” or “freezing” to access them later, during the appropriate outside conditions.

Use Cloth to apply attractive photo filters to your outfit uploads.

Second, sharing pictures just got a whole lot better looking — by employing Aviary‘s in-app photo editing technology, users can apply Instagram-style filters to every photo they take.  We think this is pretty smart; at this point, photo-editing apps like Instagram and 100 Cameras are wildly popular, as are style photo sharing programs like Cloth and its ilk, but the two had yet to come together.  What took so long?

To mark Cloth’s re-launch, the base app is free for a limited time (and the in-app upgrades are a mere ninety-nine cents) so go download it now.  There’s an East Coast heatwave today — don’t you wish you already knew which of your summer clothes were right for work in this weather?

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