Anna Wintour Gets Designers to Make Dog Clothes For Obama

Marc Jacobs dog tee

Anna Wintour, potential ambassador to London, a major political fundraiser, and an all-round force within the fashion industry, can even convince designers to make doggie clothes.  No, seriously.   She and Sarah Jessica Parker will be hosting a fundraiser for the President’s re-election campaign tonight, and the revered editor took the opportunity yesterday evening to show off two new fundraising accessories, both for pooches.

The first item is a leash from the designer Thakoon, and the other is a dog tee by none other than Marc Jacobs.  (House cats seem to have gotten short shrift).   There are other Obama pet accessories, of course, but these are the only two with designer branding.

At this point, Marc Jacobs is known for pretty extensive licensing of his name, but Thakoon is a good one to get for the campaign (maybe that’s why the leash is more expensive than the tee).  If Wintour can get designers to turn their attention to pet clothes while she’s merely an editor — albeit, a powerful one — what would she be able to accomplish as an ambassador?

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