Two More Revamped Heritage Brands Go For Big Revivals


We were already looking forward to a number of revamped heritage brands this year, and now comes news of two more to add to the list.  Apparently, a French entrepreneur named Arnaud de Lummen has been quietly taking over trademark rights to storied brands that have fallen by the wayside.  The two big ones he’s revamping and shopping to investors now are Mainbocher, the couture house, and Herbert Levine, the American luxury shoemaker.

Mainbocher might find a buyer in the next few weeks.

Previously, De Lummen successfully relaunched Vionnet and Moynat, the trunkmaker.  Slightly farther down the line, he also has plans for Belber, the Philadelphia trunkmaker that was founded in 1891 but has lain dormant for the past 42 years.  De Lummen’s company, Luvanis, specializes in discovering these “sleeping beauties.”  Besides acquiring their trademark rights and intellectual property, he fortifies his acquisitions by hunting down antique versions of the brands’ goods.  Moynat, for instance, displays 20 of the label’s original trunks in its new Parisian boutique.

The old Belber building, in Philadelphia.

What’s the allure of these dormant brands?  De Lummen tells WWD “When you relaunch, you already have a story to tell.…After a few years, people completely forget that the brand was dormant. People think it’s always been there.”  For a luxury company looking to diversify its holdings, that built-in historical leverage is golden.

8 Responses to “Two More Revamped Heritage Brands Go For Big Revivals”

  1. Sharon Parata

    im a first year student at fashion and design school in Dunedin,New Zealand and I believe Paul Poirets and other historic brands may be dormet but not dead, just in the lost and found box. Im 55years, and have waited three decades to get here, and I certainly am in favour of the revamping of this brand,i think I also created the word revamp that’s a long time ago. Some of my drawings before knowing about the world of designers, and main steam will fit with my new poject,with your heritage revolution movement, go hard a big star from me.xxxx

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