ShopLocket Lets You Sell Anything, Anywhere, on Any Platform


It’s almost as easy as tweeting.  New online selling platform Shoplocket lets you post your goods and services for sale as simply as “embedding a YouTube video.”

The Shoplocket wizard makes selling anything quick and easy.

By circumventing the traditional online storefront, Shoplocket decentralizes the selling experience yet actually makes it faster and easier.  The set-up process involves all of three steps.  Name and describe a product on Shoplocket’s website, hit share to get a variety of embed codes, and then post those anywhere — Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, your own website…you get the idea.  A sale can be transacted from start to finish on any of those platforms.

Compatible payment systems are PayPal and Stripe.  As for fees, Shoplocket only costs money to a seller when a sale is made.  It’s a mere two bucks for the first sale, plus a 2.5% ongoing transaction fee.  (PayPal takes its own fees, so do keep those in mind.)  Compare the efficiency of this process with posting an item on eBay — not only is it faster, but it lets you offer the goods through your own preferred online venue.

With that kind of flexibility, we expect to see the “powered by Shoplocket” across a range of social media, blogs, and personal websites in the near future.