Nordstrom And GQ Are the Latest Team to Push Men’s Fashion

Nordstrom Men's Shop

Coming soon to this space — GQ Selects, an editorially-selected range of monthly men’s style.

After Esquire and Details, and its own partnership with men’s online retailer Park & Bond, GQ is the latest magazine to introduce a retail deal.  The publication is teaming up with Nordstrom to coordinate product from its pages with a dedicated online shop.

Starting in July and running through December, GQ editors will designate 12 to 18 items from their pages each month to feature in “GQ Selects,” accessed through, so readers can easily shop the items.  As far as retail-editorial partnerships go, this one is pretty straightforward, and sensible to the point that we can’t believe it’s brand new.  Magazines always highlight the brand names and prices of the fashion featured in their editorial spreads, anyway, so why not take the next step and direct readers to a coherently presented online venue to actually buy the products?

Lest this initiative seem a little too commercial, GQ‘s editors and photographers will be shooting all the images that appear on Nordstrom’s site, in order to retain a more editorial feel for the project.  Ultimately, though GQ Selects is about selling product (of course), it’s also a means for keeping Nordstrom’s image front and center in the higher reaches of the fashion industry.

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