Nicola Formichetti Creates High Tech, Solar Powered Line

Nicola Formichetti

Okay, so Nicola Formichetti’s forthcoming new line, Formichetti, won’t be entirely solar-powered per se, but the designer plans to incorporate the use of such technology so that the clothing could, say, charge a wearer’s cell phone.  Hm, we seem to have heard of that before.  That said, this is definitely the first we’re learning of an entire line predicated on that level of technology.

What Formichetti in fact hopes to do with his eponymous collection is make use of high-tech new materials and avoid fashion mainstays.  He won’t name the factory with which he’s partnering in Italy, but together they’re working on creating fabric that molds to a wearer’s body (to avoid having to use zippers), along with the aforementioned solar power-enabled fabrics.

Besides taking off in a different direction concerning his materials, Lady Gaga’s stylist also intends to buck the trends by launching Formichetti online in mid-2013, instead of at Fashion Week, and also told WWD that the line “may not have seasons.”

That could be a fun way to garner more attention — launch new collections when nobody else is.  Though Formichetti has been accused in the past of focusing on technology and offbeat methods to the point of perhaps forgetting the clothes themselves, we’re looking forward to seeing his own line, driven by marrying tech and style from the ground up.

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