New International Luxury Site Embraces the Trunk Show


We pointed out, way back when, that the trunk show was becoming a selling point for luxury brands looking to offer something different.  With a coterie of fashion cred, a start-up Luxup is launching this summer — embracing that institution and other hallmarks of luxury fashion.

The invitation-only online club will cater to international travelers seeking unique in-store experiences.  Besides admittance to trunk shows, the site will arrange one-on-one designer chats, fashion shows, and provide access to exclusive products.  The site will kick off its offerings in London, but intends to provide its unique warm welcome to international travelers in cities all over the globe.

We’ll be following Luxup’s launch and expansion — the start-up includes fashion heavyweights like former Harvey Nichols’ buying director, Averyl Oates, and British Vogue‘s Harriet Quick.  (The women have signed on, respectively, as the commercial director and editorial director.)  If Luxup takes off, it’ll be a whole new way for global consumers to interact with luxury brands.

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