In Retail Sales, Tablets Beat Smartphones In Every Way

Tablet and mobile commerce

It’s already well-established that the iPad is pulling ahead of mobile commerce, and that consumers shopping on tablets tended to buy more than those purchasing through their phones.  Now, WWD reports, a slew of new statistics show that tablet sales are moving ever farther onward and upward.

  • First off, though the number of tablet-owners is half that of mobile phone-owners, the former generates twice as many sales.
  • While tablets generate around the same level of sales as those made in-store, the number is lower on smartphones (around $134 to the tablet’s average of $159).
  • Interestingly, tablets had a lower shopping cart abandonment rate — 62% to the smartphone’s 69%.
  • One statistic that was unchanged between the two technologies was the rate of repeat customers (both were at 29%).

However, this isn’t all to say that mobile isn’t growing — in fact, mobile sales accounted for $6 billion last year, and are expected to hit $10 billion this year.  Meanwhile, retailers responded to the study noting that the use of QR codes via mobile was on the rise.  However, with statistics like the ones above, what we can’t wait to see are the numbers tablet sales bring in by the end of 2012.

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