Elle UK Will Let Interns Edit Its October Issue

Elle Edited by the Interns

Calling all editors in the making — the British edition of Elle just announced an open call for a particularly cool project.  The magazine’s October 2012 issue is going to be “Edited by the Interns,” and to get the job done, the publication is opening up 10 positions, for budding stylists, writers, photographers, and of course, editors.

While you need to submit a proper application, don’t forget to tweet about it, too (yes, there’s a social media component).  The magazine is asking prospective interns to highlight their entries on Twitter, using the hashtag #ELLEintern2012.   That said, don’t think the upcoming intern issue is a social media stunt — entrants will be judged by an Elle editorial panel, and the winners, who start work in July, will be paid contributor fees.

The initiative is an effective means for the magazine to start farming tomorrow’s top editorial talent.  But while we’re looking forward to seeing how many of the group of 10 make their way on staff, it’s also worth noting that a massive open call for highly coveted internship positions is a great way for Elle to engage a young audience, building up a new demographic’s readership.