Can TagBrand Make The 'Brand-In' As Popular As The Check-In?

TagBrand iPhone screenshots

Foursquare made checking in to one’s location, be it a restaurant, a bar, or the post office, a hit.  Will Tagbrand, which lets the fashion-focused check in the brands they’re wearing, do the same?

A la Foursquare, TagBrand tracks users’ types of check-ins — only here, it’s clothing categories instead of locations.

The “brand-in,” as the start-up calls it, entails photographing an outfit, uploading it to the iPhone app, and tagging all the labels it contains.  Users are encouraged to create polls, with images of the pieces of their wardrobe in question, to get style advice from fellow members.  The program also comes with the seemingly prerequisite ability to make wishlists and track trends through a homepage feed.  Its biggest strength is probably the user-generated e-commerce aspect, however –  relevant links to buy from users’ tagged brands appear next to all the uploaded images.

The site is already popular in Russia, where it debuted last spring, and is launching in English this week.  In many ways, TagBrand is a more heavily commercialized spin-off of popular style advice sites like Fashism and Go Try It On — if those apps take a cue from their new Russian competitor and add brand-tagging capability, they could keep TagBrand out of the American market.

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