Sephora Goes Big With New Site, New App, and a Whole Lot of iPads


Across the U.S. and Europe, Sephora’s known as a consumer go-to for being able to easily test products in-store, but the biggest changes from the beauty giant are completely web-based.  Today they released an overhauled web site, with a new look and a greatly expanded search function.  Their next round of updates will neatly tie their virtual presence to their brick-and-mortar outposts.

In addition to better, more targeted search, Sephora’s re-vamped site shows more color and product views and, best off all, lets users check product availability in nearby stores.  Meanwhile, their improved mobile platform continues the seamless store-to-web integration.  While at a Sephora, the updated app can be used to scan barcodes to access product reviews and shop online, and even makes it easy to do comparison shopping.

The personal mobile program is designed to function in tandem with the upcoming influx of in-store iPads (coming soon to 100 Sephoras across the U.S.).  Salespeople can use them to look up, say, repeat customers’ preferred cosmetic shades.  Customers, meanwhile, can use the iPads to see makeovers and more makeup visuals.  Ultimately, Sephora believes all this information will help their audience shop in a more informed way.  “We really believe that more information is better,” Julie Bornstein, the senior vice president of Sephora’s digital operations, told TechCrunch.  When it comes to sorting through myriad beauty products, we have to agree — so what will department store beauty counters be doing to catch up?

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