Aussie Fashion Week Offers Fastest Runway Turnaround Yet

Toi et Moi runway look

Preceded by brands like Uniqueness and emerging e-commerce like Moda Operandi, Australian Fashion Week is getting on the instant-availability bandwagon.  When the Sydney fashion fest opens this month, three of the labels showing there will be offering parts of their new collections immediately over e-commerce.

It’s obviously faster than the normal 5 month show-to-store turnaround, but Aussie Fashion Week might be the speediest iteration yet.  One of the labels, Toi et Moi, is promising three-hour delivery times for post-show orders placed within Sydney.  (Thirty percent of the brand’s collection will be available for immediate purchase from the runway.)  Meanwhile, the other two labels providing instant gratification are doing so in shoe form — An Ode to No One and Bless’ed Are The Meek are each creating capsule footwear collections specific to their shows.  Each of these will be available right away via online shoe store Style Tread.  And again, there’s guaranteed delivery, at least within Sydney.  For the shoes, it’s two hours.  

The only thing we’re surprised by here is that Sydney is beating New York in terms of the speed with which it gets new looks to fashion-hungry shoppers.  When will any of the brands showing through Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week start guaranteeing delivery, measured in mere hours, within Manhattan?

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