Livia Firth Brings Eco-Fabrics To Hollywood and Beyond

Livia Firth in PET Valentino gown

First the famous Hollywood wives brought green dressing to the red carpet; now they’re pushing it into the realm of everyday design.  Livia Firth, wife of Colin Firth, is working on launching a library of sustainable fabrics for designers to use as a resource in creating more eco-friendly fashion.

Livia Firth worked with Valentino to create this gown made from recycled PET.

Firth originally founded the Green Carpet Challenge to encourage stars to wear greener dresses to high-end events.  In order to branch out, she’s partnering with Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy, a global forum on a wide range of “eco-sensible” products.  Together, the two organizations are creating the Green Carpet Challenge Fabric Library, which will offer information and tools for sourcing ethically created textiles, from vegetable-dyed leathers to re-purposed and recycled denim and wool.

Firth’s new venture is a great step for bringing sustainable style into the mainstream — after all, hemp has limited appeal.  But ethically-created silk cashmere?  That sounds like something everyone would want to wear, eco-minded or not.

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