Is Facebook the New Home of Vintage Shopping?

Vintage Marketplace on Facebook

Sure, we hear it all the time now — big brands are closing up their Facebook storefronts as the particular retail channel fails to take off.  However, that defeat hasn’t applied to everybody.  For some individuals, using the social media outlet as their sole source of e-commerce has actually been the starting point of real success.

Vintage Marketplace plans to launch a website, but for now, all their e-commerce takes place on Facebook.

The Sydney Morning Herald highlights a vintage shop, founded on and run entirely out of Facebook.  Kate Perkins and Jai Spence launched Vintage Marketplace with 10 finds, posting pictures and asking buyers to claim what they wanted by writing “sold” under the piece.  Their first crop of goods sold out in 15 minutes.  To complete their transactions, Perkins and Spence send along a unique code and banking information.  Buyers need to pay within 24 hours in order to hang on to their finds.

The pair cite viral traffic as a reason for their continued success — friends see what other friends have claimed when it shows up in their newsfeeds.  Then they check out the source.  There’s certainly something appealing about buying by commenting — writing “sold!” on a one-of-a-kind item floating in your newsfeed plays to impulse purchasing.  While Gap to Gamestop have opened and closed Facebook stores, maybe more grassroots, peer-to-peer e-commerce is where the social media site’s selling utility lies.  After all, Facebook was about people before it was about brands.

6 Responses to “Is Facebook the New Home of Vintage Shopping?”

  1. Leslie

    I totally agree with you !!!
    I’m so happy to find people who think like me :)

    From my point of view, brands didn’t understand how they could use the store front on facebook.
    From what I’ve seen, they have only duplicate their catalog, that was already available on their online shop on the web, and sometimes in their physical shop !

    When people like a brand on facebook is to receive Exclusivities, discounts, original content…

    I think they should have proposed limited editions, or flash sales only on unique pieces, that facebook users won’t find anywhere else than on the facebook store.

    I totally believe that f-commerce can be the future for independant boutique and small labels. While they are building their community they will find their clients !

  2. Sarah

    I think it’s possible too run your advertising campaign entirely via Facebook. Some people say that FB is becoming the next Google yet without so much spam on it… We shall see.

    Thanks for the interesteing thread!

    Sarah :)

  3. Marina

    I know it’s probably easy for well-known stores to run a Facebook campaign and sell loads of goods but I’m still trying to figure out how a fresh company should attract people to visit their FB page. Any suggestions?


  4. auto news India

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