H&M Joins Meryl Streep and Suzy Amis Cameron on the Eco-Red Carpet

H&M Conscious red carpet gown

H&M’s red carpet-ready offshoot of their Conscious collection hits stores today, making it easy for anyone to get on the sustainable evening wear bandwagon.  Following in the footsteps of Livia Firth (Colin Firth’s wife and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge), Suzy Amis Cameron (wife of James Cameron and founder of Red Carpet Green Dress) and green red carpet dressing devotee Meryl Streep, H&M now offers a range of totally affordable, sustainably produced gowns, skirts, and suits.

Despite the low price point, the collection already has celeb sign-offs — Michelle Williams, Amanda Seyfriend, and Kristin Davis have all sported the line at various premieres.  Prices range from around $30 to $300 (for a floor-length gown) and the collection is crafted from organic cotton, hemp, and silk, along with the occasional recycled polyester look.

Of course, H&M still isn’t on the e-commerce bandwagon, at least in the U.S., so if you want to dress sustainably on the cheap for all those spring weddings you have to attend, you’ll need to head to a brick-and-mortar store for the goods.

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