Get Dr. Dre's Look, Instantly Shop Coachella Style With Details Mag

Kanye West in Celine at Coachella 2011

There’s nothing we like better than an original, productive pairing from one of our favorite new mobile shopping technologies and a great fashion magazine.  Throw in some music festival style and you’ve probably got a winner on your hands, so Details‘ fresh partnership with the sartorial mobile app Kaleidoscope is set to be pretty cool.

Even the boys bring out their best looks for Coachella — just like Kanye West, who wore women’s Celine last year.

The men’s mag and the Android app (it’s coming soon for iPhone, don’t fret) are pairing up to deliver instantly shoppable men’s style, based on looks from this year’s upcoming Coachella festival.  The first weekend of the show is April 13 to 15; the duo expect to have a gallery of looks — all ready for purchase! — on Details‘ site by Sunday evening.

To break down how the partnership will work, Details will provide the festival fashion photography, while Kaleidoscope offers the technology that instantly pulls in relevant looks from online retailers across the web (they’re pretty high-end — think Mr. Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue).  We’re looking forward to the instant sartorial gratification the pairing will provide.  Now how come there’s no women’s magazine partnership to offer up the same thing for the ladies?

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