Would You Wear American History-Inspired Sunglasses?


Online eyeglasses companies are proliferating (we all know and love Warby Parker) so it seems natural that any newcomers would have to offer customers a fresh hook.  Westward Leaning, which makes Wayfarer-style sunglasses, launched their site on Friday, offering a unique, historical product angle.

Intended to “highlight human achievement and social progress,” the company’s various styles commemorate events and initiatives throughout American history.  How do they that?  Well, they go so far as to include material relevant to said events/initiatives within the glasses themselves.  For instance, a style celebrating the Louisiana Purchase references New Orleans jazz, incorporating brass from trumpets and other instruments in the glasses’ frames.  Other looks take inspiration and material from episodes as varied as the founding of California, astronaut John Glenn’s orbit around Earth, and Teddy Roosevelt’s conservation efforts.

With their combination of a good look and unique social commentary, we’re fans of Westward Leaning’s social-studies-lesson frames.  And in these bizarre political times, who couldn’t use some good news straight out of American history books?

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