Work-Ready Custom Clothing, On the Cheap — At Last!

Christina Wallace and Alex Nelson

We’ve watched the wave of bespoke denim slowly grow, and custom-made clothing sites are certainly on the rise, but how about affordable custom tailoring straight out of New York’s garment district?  Business Insider reports on Quincy Apparel, a new design house that makes made-to-fit women’s apparel for the accessible price range of $100 to $250.

Christina Wallace and Alex Nelson, sporting the kind of apparel they hope to make widely available in bespoke form.

The co-founders, Christina Wallace and Alex Nelson, are setting their business apart by, drumroll, fitting their custom-made jackets and tops to women’s bust sizes.  Did you know most standard apparel is only made for A and B cup sizes?  Yeah, we didn’t either — and that’s certainly not reflective of much of the female population.  In addition, Quincy Apparel (which is based in New York but can be shopped via their online store) intends to use a range of models representing various ethnicities and body types.

To create their designs, Wallace and Nelson (who met at Harvard Business School) brought on the designer Althea Harper.  Harper previously worked at Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, has her own eponymous line, and was even a finalist on Project Runway.  The line’s style is aimed at the young professional — think crisp blazers and work-appropriate blouses, dresses, and slacks.  As Quincy Apparel is still quite new, only the jackets are currently available, but if the affordable custom collection takes off, it could make quite a dent in most women’s need to buy off-the-rack.

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  1. Lindsey

    If they are selling clothing cut to fit they really should wear a pair of pants that actually DOES in the publicity photo.


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