To Get Shoppers To Buy What's In Their Carts, Dangle a 'Carrot'

Carrot from Kibboko

Did you know an average of 75% of online shopping carts are abandoned?  The horror!  Well, a new program from the software company Kibboko aims to get that number down.

Besides enticing shoppers to stop abandoning their online carts, Carrot helps retailers track conversion rates.

The aptly named service is called Carrot, as in, “to dangle,” and it works to entice customers early on during the shopping process. With Carrot installed, when shoppers add products to a cart, the software allows retailers to offer relevant promotions (think free gifts or a coupon).  It’s a little like the online version of ubiquitous beauty counter gift-with-purchase offers — those effectively generate sales because customers know, early on, that when they buy something, they get something.  Similarly, online shoppers looking to take advantage of a Carrot-provided incentive have to check out in order to redeem the offer.

We think Carrot is an ingenuous idea — we just wonder why the patent-pending technology hasn’t emerged earlier.  And if it takes off, perhaps there’ll be far fewer virtual abandoned shopping carts strewn across the Web.

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