You Could Win Your Own Fashion Portrait at Ted Baker

Ted's Drawing Room

Ever tried to print out an Instagram shot and been unimpressed with the results?  Well, Ted Baker is giving you the chance to win a particularly good one, after it passes through the hands of a fashion illustrator.

Ted Baker stores in New York, London, Glasgow, Dublin, and around the rest of the UK will be equipped with special Instagram photo booths all day this Saturday.  Customers adorned head-to-toe in the brand’s spring collection are invited to sit for a picture, which is sent to Ted’s Drawing Room, a London-based studio.  There, a team of 11 fashion illustrators will pick and draw their “muses” from the compilation of photos.  Winners will be sent a digital copy of the result immediately, and a signed, framed version thereafter.

One look from Ted Baker’s painterly spring line.

The in-store initiative dovetails, of course, with an online one — just head to Ted Baker’s Facebook page the day of the contest to watch a livestream of the illustrators at work.  As a way to celebrate a spring campaign entitled The Great Exhibitionist and his Private Views, this a pretty cool enterprise, both online and off.

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