Sporty vs. Luxe: Who Wins On Facebook?

Converse All-Stars on Facebook

What’s the secret when it comes to attaining Facebook “likes” that number in the millions?  If you’re a fashion brand, at least, it seems you’d better choose between embracing your sporty side or reaching for the heights of luxury.

The top 10 most-liked fashion brands on the social media channel were just announced, and, aside from the outlier Levi’s (11.1 million likes) the list represents a perfect mix of athletic vs. luxurious attributes.  Who would have thought Puma (no. 10) would be directly trailing Gucci (no. 9)?  Meanwhile, coming in at number one is Converse, a perennial sporty go-to for the fashion set.  Burberry, well-known for its successful social media strategy, is the highest on the list out of the luxury brands, hitting the number three spot.

Interestingly, when it came to retailers’ Facebook pages, the top ten list was completely populated by affordable fashion — think Victoria’s Secret, Zara, and H&M rounding out the top three.

Well, we’re obviously fans of well-balanced, high-low fashion (ha!).  That said, the specific blend of luxury and sport currently leading the way in social media lends credence to this spring’s trend of fashion forward looks paired with kicks.