Mischa Barton Launches E-Commerce To Sell Her Branded Stuff

Mischa's Place

Mischa’s Place, a new e-tail site from the actress.

Remember Mischa Barton?  We kind of do — hazy memories of The OC are definitely stuck in our head, someplace.  Anyway, you can now re-access the actress through her freshly launched e-commerce site, Mischa’s Place.  Could celebrity-branded online retail be the new, fashionable step for stalled acting careers?

Mischa Barton body wash — who knew?

Well, the jury’s still out on that one, but Barton’s latest endeavor is actually quite nice.  Site visitors enter through a bohemian virtual boudoir to shop the actress’s collection of clothing, accessories, beauty products, and makeup.  (For the record, aside from the apparel, we had no idea she had all these branded lines.  Did you?)  While it’s not exactly on par with, say, the Olsens’ The Row, Mischa’s Place is a pretty fun venture.

Despite having multiple self-named product lines, Barton hasn’t yet extensively branded herself as a designer/entrepreneur.  Maybe this new commerce site, where it’s all put together, is the key next step.

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