Kanye West Forces Fashion Industry to Have Fun

Kanye West takes a bow at second show

So Kanye West’s debut women’s collection last fall was a critical flop.  The clothes didn’t even fit!  Not to be deterred, West actually improved this time around and put on an entertaining show, to boot.  Though no one had anything remarkably glowing to say, the powers that be seem to have reached a consensus that the rapper’s sophomore effort was something not often heard in fashion — much improved.  Also, they seem to have enjoyed the go-karts and Kim Kardashian, which were both on hand for the evening.  Some highlights:

  • Elle UK:  The magazine enjoyed the pomp and circumstance, noting that “a Kanye West show is fun because it’s expensive, because it has wonderful model names on its roster, because it’s unexpected, because it has dry ice, because you’ve never seen souped-up go-karts lap the catwalk as a finale, because it feels like you’re invited to the best party in town.”
  • The New York Times:  The Times was probably hardest on Kanye, but noted the go-karts at the end of the show even “made Anna Wintour smile.”
  • Style.com:  They simply had a better time than during the first round, saying “the element of surprise has always been one of the secret weapons of his music, and it popped up in his sophomore fashion effort by simple virtue of the fact that West won a much-improved badge.”
  • The Wall Street Journal:  The paper didn’t beat around the bush, claiming “this Kanye collection is a massive improvement.”

Model of the moment Karlie Kloss walks in Kanye West’s second show.

Though none of the critics may be in love with Kanye’s leather-centric second showing, when was the last time you heard about the fashion industry more or less handing out a “shows most improvement” award?  It’s hard to get back into the industry’s good graces, and we’re interested to see if, for Kanye, the third time’s a charm.

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